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Buy in store only. For price & size info you can phone the shop during opening hours to check availability before you visit.

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Beaver Horse Shop is open 7 days a week (9-6pm). You can phone the shop on 01423 566774 or email.

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Our Sales Room

There is a permanent & dedicated SALES Room. Discover bargains, end of line etc! If unsure, ask to be directed to it on your next visit.


Browse our horse pendant, horse bracelet & horse brooches & other horse jewellery for horse riders in the display cabinet. Jewellery or jewelry (American spelling) like our necklaces, rings & earrings chosen for being special personal adornments for horse lovers. "Jewel" is traced back to the Latin word "jocale" meaning plaything. So Beaver Horse Shop in Harrogate has created for you an affordable collection of playful jewellery.

Jewellery from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Perfect gifts for her include horse shoe necklace or horse head pendant. Animal jewellery & silver horse jewellery are wonderful gifts to give & receive. Why not browse our ample Greeting Cards selection to fit in with your gift idea? In addition a wide selection of diamante jewellery is available at from your Harrogate horse shop, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens.

Diamante Jewellery

Diamantes or rhinestones are traditional substitutes for diamonds. Rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine in Austria until 1775 when a jeweller coated glass with metal powders & created diamante jewellery. When "Rhinestone Cowboy" became a hit in the 1970s diamantes were linked forever to your horsey fashion world. Our Fashion Clothing is worth visiting to discover new country fashions.