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Jodhpur Boots

Dever jodhpur boots, Mountain Horse, Loveson jodhpur boots, Toggi jodhpur boots & Harry Hall in stock plus others. Jodhpur boots are riding boots associated with the Victorian horse riding era. The Mountain Horse protective jodhpur boot add reinforced outsole & steel toecap to comply with CE standards for protective footwear. Riding boot features like stirrup control systems & spur rests make jodhpur boots a popular choice for horse riding today.

Jodhpur Boots from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Jodhpur boots with elastic sides are also easy to put on and take off. With leather linings your feet don't sweat. Leather jodhpurs are the first choice for many horse riders at Beaver horse shop in Harrogate. Visit your local Harrogate horse shop, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens, to try your jodhpur boots on for size. Some alternative jodhpur cut riding boots are Paddock Boots but the Tyne style muckers are in the Muckers & Rubber Boots category.

Chelsea Boots

Jodhpurs are named after the city of Jodhpur in the Rajastan region of India. Jodhpur boots are also called Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are tight-fitting, ankle-high boots of the Victorian era associated with horse riding, which became fashionable again in the 1960s. For country footwear that is sturdy & elegant, Jodhpur boots are a country style in a timeless fashion. Visit our Fashion Clothing range for further fashion ideas.