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Leather Riding Boots

Leather riding boots in stock include Mountain Horse riding boots, Rectiligne, Brogini & Toggi riding boots. The classic riding boot comes high enough up the leg to prevent the leathers of the saddle from pinching the leg of the rider & has a distinct heel to prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrups. Womens riding boot, mens riding boot & childrens riding boot always in stock at Beaver horse shop in Harrogate. Brogini & Tuffa in stock.

Leather Riding Boots from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Dress boots are a riding boot style worn in dressage phases. Without lacing at the ankle, they are generally stiffer than field boots. Such equestrian boot with ankle lacing give highly flexed ankle preferred in jumping disciplines. Also available as brown riding boot, field boots have an extra layer of leather on the toe. Toe caps appear on lower riding boots, the paddock boot that stops just above the ankle, & is worn by children & by some show competitors.

Tall Riding Boot

Long leather riding boot or tall riding boot are the classic riding boot used in by all competitors in the hunter/jumper & dressage disciplines. Beaver horse shop in Harrogate stocks the traditional pull-on leather boots but most of our long leather riding boots have zips for easy access. Visiting Beaver horse shop, near Harlow Carr Gardens, means a good & comfortable fitting for you is guaranteed.