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Horse Care

Horse shampoo, tail and mane shampoo, horse conditioner & a wide range of Leovet, Wahl, Carr & Day & Martin & IV Horse horse care products in stock at Beaver Horse Shop. Try easy horse care with mane and tail detangler to untangle horses hair without breaking it. All general horse care product in stock & running 30+ harrogate stables, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens, means Beaver Horse Shop comprehensive range is tried & tested.

Horse Care from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

How to care for horse? Horse care manual & horse care book available from Horse Books. Guide to horse care clearly explain the multiple aspects to horse care management & make excellent Gifts for horse lovers. Also basic horse care information on Horse DVDs available. From winter horse care to finding suitable Grooming Equipment for grooming horses during summer show season & fly sprays, all your daily horse care products are in stock.

Horse Hoof Care

Care of horses includes horse foot care. Hoof dressing is a liquid used on hooves to improve moisture content, which helps prevent hoof cracks, lost shoes, tender feet & other hoof problems. Use of hoof oils, dressings & other topical treatments varies to the needs of the individual horse. Visit today your Beaver Horse Shop, a local Harrogate horse shop, for the best product range & advice.