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Grooming Equipment

Horse brush, horse hoof pick, many curry comb types & all horse grooming tools possibly needed for grooming stocked by Beaver Horse Shop. Oster grooming for horses makes grooming your horse easy with everything from an oster brush to the oster 7 piece gromming kit. From sweat scraper to mane and tail brush & hoof pick, Beaver Horse Shop's comprehensive range is both affordable & high quality to last your daily horse care grooming.

Grooming Equipment from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Horse Care grooming products in stock such as shampoo & conditioner are ideal to use with sponges & buckets to bathe the horse. Horse grooming tips include the application of fly spray after horse grooming in the summer. Horse clipping in the winter makes grooming quicker & easier as the hair is shortened. Equestrian Clippers are in stock for both trimming & body clipping. Visit Beaver Horse Shop for best advice on horse clipping.

Horse Grooming Equipment

How to groom a horse? Hoof picks are basic grooming equipment for horses as guidelines recommend picking feet daily, with all four cleaned out before & after a ride. Proper use of your horse grooming kit ensures a healthy & comfortable animal. A well-groomed, clean horse can also be kept clean before showing by using Stable Rugs & Turnout Rugs, in stock. Visit your local Harrogate horse shop, Beaver Horse Shop, to see all the range under one roof.