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Horse Supplements

Equine cortaflex, hoof supplement, horse calmers, garlic granules & powders plus Global Herbs range for horses are a few of the 100+ supplements for horses stocked by Beaver Horse Shop. Equine supplements maintain the diet of your horse or provide specific equine health benefits. With years of experience providing a cross country course, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens, visit today for the best product range & advice.

Horse Supplements from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Horse vitamins & minerals are usually provided in specialised Horse Feeds such as low calorie Spillers feed for horses prone to Laminitis. There are also horse vitamin such as Biotin for horse hoof health available. From horse mineral licks by Horselyx to horse electrolytes, to use a few days prior to horse competitions, Beaver Horse Shop stocks top horse food supplements from Topspec, NAF Superflex, Dodson & Horrell & many more.

Horse Joint Supplement

Equine America Cortaflex, MSM from NAF & other horse glucosamine are some of the joint care supplements stocked. Cod liver oil for horses & Codlivine supplements to maintain over-all condition, joint suppleness & ease stiffness available. Complete health for horses, from Grooming Equipment to Horse Health Care products to reduce horse tendon injury, part of Beaver Horse Shop's comprehensive range held & used in 30+ on-site livery stables.