Saddles - Buying

Buy in store only. For price & size info you can phone the shop during opening hours to check availability before you visit.

Opening Hours

Beaver Horse Shop is open 7 days a week (9-6pm). You can phone the shop on 01423 566774 or email.

Loyalty Card

Collect your Beaver Horse Shop loyalty card when you visit & start saving £££'s. Details...

Our Sales Room

There is a permanent & dedicated SALES Room. Discover bargains, end of line etc! If unsure, ask to be directed to it on your next visit.

Second Hand Saddles

Second hand saddle for sale at Beaver Horse Shop, your local Harrogate horse shop, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens. Used saddles save you money if you know what you are looking for & what to avoid. Saddle exchange, part exchange of your old saddle for new, is how Beaver Horse Shop acquires every second hand saddle. All used tack history is known & checked before exchange. Visit Beavers Horse Shop today & buy a used saddle with confidence.

Second Hand Saddles from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Part Exchange Your Saddle

The part exchange value of your used saddle clearly depends on the size, make, age & condition of each saddle. Beaver Horse Shop saddle part exchange is one for one, one part exchange per saddle sold, if it is a saddle we can sell. Should you require us to value your saddle & confirm that we are willing to take it in part exchange before arranging a Saddle Fitting please contact us. We will make arrangements to value your saddle.