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Buy in store only. For price & size info you can phone the shop during opening hours to check availability before you visit.

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Beaver Horse Shop is open 7 days a week (9-6pm). You can phone the shop on 01423 566774 or email.

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There is a permanent & dedicated SALES Room. Discover bargains, end of line etc! If unsure, ask to be directed to it on your next visit.

Bridle Parts

Horse browband, headstall, noseband, horse reins, cheek pieces available from Beaver Horse Shop in Harrogate. Jeffries bridle parts & Stubben bridle parts in stock. Most parts of a bridle are replaceable, in case of loss, damage or wear but availability depends on make. Bridle spares found where possible. Ask in Beaver Horse Shop, your local Harrogate saddlery shop, adjacent to Harlow Carr Gardens.

Bridle Parts from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Noseband encircle the nose of the horse & used to attach equipment such as Martingales. A flash noseband may be used with a standing martingale which is attached to the cavesson piece. Cavesson noseband are adjustable with greater precision because of attachment to its own headstall. The horse reins attach to different types of Horse Bits, below an attachment for the cheek pieces.


Show browbands or decorative equestrian browbands are fashionable in certain sports, such as dressage. ShowQuest Browbands available from Beaver Horse Shop plus pony browbands & other dressage browbands. Browbands run from under the ear of the horse, across the forehead, to the other. It prevents the bridle from sliding. Headstalls runs through the browband. Visit Beaver Horse Shop today for all your bridle parts.