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Jeffries bridle, Stubben bridle, John Whitaker bridle plus Amigo & Amerigo are in stock. An unbeatable selection of Jeffries bridles including Jeffries Premier Bridle, Jeffries Wembley Bridle, Jeffries Elite Bridle & Jeffries Hunter Bridle are available from Beaver Horse Shop, near Harlow Carr Gardens. The full range of bridle parts such as horse reins, cheek pieces, headstalls, browband & noseband are available in all sizes.

Bridles from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

A snaffle bridle is traditional horse bridle suitable for most uses, including cross country, show bridle & dressage bridle. Jeffries Bridles are top of the range. Jeffries uses only the best bridle leather, a minimum of 3.75mm thick for maximum strength & durability. A cob bridle is sized in between a pony bridle & a horse bridle. Both cob bridle & pony bridle also in stock.

Double Bridles

Double bridles are a type of horse bridle using two bits, a snaffle & a curb. Two bits give the horse rider preciser control of the horse. Double bridles require the use of two sets of reins & are used for dressage. Only advanced horses and riders need double bridles. Jeffries double bridle & Stubben double bridle are stocked by your local Harrogate horse shop, Beaver horse shop.