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Buy in store only. For price & size info you can phone the shop during opening hours to check availability before you visit.

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Beaver Horse Shop is open 7 days a week (9-6pm). You can phone the shop on 01423 566774 or email.

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There is a permanent & dedicated SALES Room. Discover bargains, end of line etc! If unsure, ask to be directed to it on your next visit.

Horse Boots

Horse boots from Woof Wear, Equilibrium Stretch and Flex & Cliff Barnsby in stock. Whitaker tendon boots, Jeffries tendon boots & Amerigo boots also available as part of Beaver Horse Shop's comprehensive range. What types of leg protection to use? Types of horse boots stocked include overreach boots, turnout boots, horse knee boots, horse brushing boots, hock boot, fetlock boot, cross country horse boot & travel boots.

Horse Boots from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

Equestrian boots mostly available from pony size up to extra full size. Beaver Horse Shop stocks include coloured boots to match xc colours! Boots for horses are tough & hard wearing to provide protection from leg injuries during ridden work. Equestrian horse boots incorporate a strike pad either on the outside or just under the surface made from vinyl.We also stock horse bandages & gamgee for exercise and stable.

Horse Chaps & Horse Wraps

Horse chaps & Horse Wraps are closer in fit & performance to horse bandages. Chaps differ from equine leg wraps in that they fit down over the horses hoof to give additional protection. Both are lighter & more flexible than horse boots, without a strike pad & provide gentle cushioning. Horse chaps also help prevent mud fever skin complaints which affect horses during winter. Visit us to find the right protection for you.