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Riding Crops

Equestrian whips, riding crops & horse whips, are in stock at your local Harrogate horse shop, Beaver Horse Shop. A riding crop is a shaft of fibreglass or cane which is covered in leather, fabric, or other suitable material. A horse crop or riding crop, is a short type of horse whip without a lash, used to back up the natural aids (leg, seat and voice) of a rider.

Riding Crops from Beavers, the Harrogate Horse Shop by Harlow Carr Gardens

In contrast dressage whips need greater length to touch the mount's side while keeping both hands on the reins. A dressage rider must know that the timing of the whip or crop is as important as the use in itself. Equestrian whips also include tools for training aids such as lunge whips. Riding whips in stock come in a range of lengths and styles to suit differing riding requirements. Visit us today.

Whip & Crop Compared

Leather riding crop terminate with a small leather loop or tongue. The crop is relatively short & designed so leverage can be controlled with the flick of a wrist. A riding whip has greater length, flexibility & design characteristics for specific purposes. For example hunting whips are to manouever gates & hold back hounds but not for use on the horse. Visiting Beaver Horse Shop, near Harlow Carr Gardens, means the best advice is guaranteed.